Welcome to Ledin & Hofstad Ltd

For over half a century, we have served our shared community.

We have established a thriving practice based on our core values: Competence; Integrity; Innovation; and Diligence.

In 1953, Howard Ledin founded our firm on our core values. While the practice of law has changed greatly since our founding, the values we have espoused continue to act as guideposts for our clients’ success. We are a firm that builds relationships wherever we can to provide the added value that our clients expect and deserve.

We invite you and your business to discover how a relationship with Ledin & Hofstad can exceed your expectations.


Our attorneys and staff work diligently with you to stratigizeand execute a plan of action to achive your goals.


Our attorneys work on the cutting edge of legal trends and competently translate the law’s changes into practical courses of action.


We always look for ways to practice law more efficiently and effectively. Whether it means a paperless office or a client’s remote access to their e-files, we seek out and welcome innovation in all its forms to provide the best service. 


We are more than mere lawyers—we are trusted advisors. Integrity is at the heart of everything we do. We take seriously the trust that our clients place in us and the responsibility we have to safeguard that trust.